Our world has changed. We no longer run our businesses, nor do we manage our lives, or engage our friends and families the way we did twenty, thirty or forty years ago.

In today’s world, the ideas of tomorrow are sprouting from young and quick thinking entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors. These young inventors are not the “smart students”  we see in our classrooms.

They are the Steve Jobs, the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg of tomorrow. The Steve Jobs, the Bill Gates, the Mark Zukerberg of today were misfits when they attended schools. They were too inquisitive for the teachers- they did not fit the students who were comfortable with sitting in rows quietly in the classrooms and only occasionally raising their hands to either answer to low level thinking questions. These innovators wanted to be engaged, they wanted to ask questions, they wanted to explore, they wanted to know why and learn how.

For these great thinkers, rote memorization was just not what they craved for.

Our children, yes even Liberian children, want to learn another way. They do not want to hear one person talk to them for forty-five minutes. They want to talk, research, build, think, create, share, connect and do real stuff.  In fact, this is what most young people want to do today. R.E.A.L Academy sprouts from the desire to address this problem and shift the paradigm of education in Liberia.

Some countries have embraced the changes and are preparing their citizens for new roles in the global marketplace. Liberia, our country, is finding it difficult to make the transition to these changes. Our schools are still teaching our children the way we were taught 50 years ago. This is not right. Our schools must change. REAL Academy sees the need for change.

Our Focus-The Total Child:

Education is not just the development of our intellect - it goes far beyond our intellectual ability. R.E.A.L believes in the development of the physical, mental, and moral development of the child. We see the synergistic tapping into these developmental aspects of the child as the intentional grooming of the total child. In this regards, our curriculum incorporates, arts, music, sports, etc which will add to the experience of our students and better equip them for the challenges of our world.