The Liberian National Elementary School Social Studies Curriculum will be used. Social Studies is perhaps one of the most overlooked disciplines in our Liberian classrooms. Many see it as the mere memorization of facts. For the most part, Social Studies teachers and social studies program across Liberia  do little to dissuade such convoluted mindset about Social Studies. Asking students to memorize dates of the occurrence of events, names of geographical features 

or listing of  the states and capital cities should no longer be the kind the instruction we provide our students today. Our students can find the answers to these questions on the web or can simply ask a friend or family member to find it for them.


Social Studies provides the lenses in which we see our world. Students must not just know the branches of government- they must be able to criticize the workings of governments, make suggestions for the amelioration of the living standards of our people. And, with technology, our students can have real-time access to those who make the decisions in government and around the world. Our Social Studies classrooms must seize the opportunity.


So, at R.E.A.L, our Social Studies classrooms will give our students the chance to ask questions, research the answers, make connections and document and communicate their findings. Our students will be tasked to identify opportunities for improvement in their communities as they gained understanding of the history, culture and environment in which they live. Additionally, the students will be taught to connect events and situation within their environment with those on other parts of the world as a way of promoting peace and harmony on the globe.  

At every point in our Social Studies classrooms, our student-scholars will take on an odyssey to unearth the truth, recommend a new course of actions and to communicate the reasoning behind their ideas.


R.E.A.L will bring reality to the teaching and learning of our history, our national geography, government, and people. The use of arts, digital media and electronic portfolio will be used to share the work and experience of our students.

Our social studies program highlights our interdisciplinary approach. The program allows studies to blend their learning of the arts, English Language Arts, music and technology as they study social studies. The students will utilize  arts, technology, and the other content areas to communicate their learning and to share their experiences to their community and country.


Course Tutors

Paul Groves


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Bonnie Odd


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