The Liberian National Elementary School Science Curriculum will be used. Our mode of instruction will, however, offer the students a different and more contemporary way of accessing the content. Our economy is too dependent on the export of raw materials. The fluctuation of the price of our exports on the global market makes our national economy fragile. We cannot emphasize , along these lines, the need to diversify our economy through the engagement into light manufacturing.  Achieving this demands that our children become and designers of the technology, goods, and services of our new world.


The reality of a typical Science classroom in Liberia today fails to signal any interest in preparing our children for the tasks of tomorrow. We at R.E.A.L sees the menace and are committed to shifting the paradigm - want to prepare the innovators of tomorrow. And so, our Science classrooms, at R.E.A.L will be a laboratory for exploring new ideas, formulating and testing hypotheses and the making of connections with the real world. Our students will not just know- they will know, will comprehend, will apply, will synthesize and justify. Our classrooms will be a breeding ground for future scientists.

R.E.A.L will not, however, restrict the learning of Science to the classroom neither will see the teaching of the innovators of tomorrow as the responsibility solely of the instructor. Students at R.E.A.L will be accorded the opportunity to see Science in actions by making field trips, visiting laboratories and factories and meeting with scientists and inventors.


As we challenge our students in the classroom we will never miss the opportunity to differentiate our instruction to give each student the chance to learn and develop their inborn ingenuity.  

Course Tutors

Paul Groves


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Bonnie Odd


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