The Liberian National Elementary School Physical Education Curriculum will be the guide for our Physical Education Program. However, owing to our commitment to developing the “Total Child”, our Physical Education and Health Program (Health  & PE ) will also align with our commitment to the development of a “sound mind in a sound body”. Accordingly, at R.E.A.L Academy Physical Education extends far beyond exercise and the development of motor skills. Our program provides students with the learning necessary to enable students to lead a health life by maintaining a high level of physical activity and keeping a healthy diet which are  crucial for a healthy and productive life. We at R.E.A.L. seek to develop a community of young people and future leaders who value physical activities and the connection of it to health and fitness.

Again, an interdisciplinary approach will characterize the implement of our Health & PE program.

Course Tutors

Paul Groves


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Bonnie Odd


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    Laptop and more tools available during the courses to help you
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Phisical Education & health classes run over 52 weeks period with a total cost of $0.00. Got the early suscription courses.