Students learn by doing, questioning, sharing and tackling problems within their communities or our world. Such kind of learning is best facilitated by Inquiry-Based Learning.  We are committed to preparing 21st-century professionals so our mode of instruction is the mode which gives students a voice, a choice, and ownership of the learning. Accordingly, our delivery of instruction is a customized mode of Inquiry Based-Learning. Our mode alludes to the peculiarity of our country, the present epoch, and our national priorities.


Our mode emboldens the students to think about real-world concepts, asks questions, challenge age-old assumptions and engage in the research to answer their own questions and through this acquire knowledge and skills mandated by the National Curriculum Standards.  

To facilitate our mode of “Inquiry Based-Learning”, the use of technology for exploring, collecting information, sharing and presenting will be crucial. That is why our students will see exposure to the use of technology from the day of their admission to Real Academy. Our students, with time, will have no less than 3 hours of computer lab use per week. Our labs will be equipped with 30 up to date laptops, an LCD projector, scanners, printers, copiers, several IPADs, and a video recorder.  

Consistent with our plans to incorporate technology, we have adopted Google’s G Suite for education. To make this easy, we are also adopting Chromebooks to  teach, present and share our work and those of our students. Parents, in this direction, are encouraged to purchase Chromebooks for their children in order to extend learning beyond the classroom. Chromebooks can be purchased from R.E.A.L.

In this light, our technology cart will consist of thirty chromebooks for use by students from grade 3 to 6..  Preschoolers and the Lower Primary levels will use LEAPPAD Jr tablet. Parents are highly encouraged to purchase the LEAPPAD Jr. from R.E.A.L at the cost of $65.00 (USD).

The mode of instruction will focus on the 4 C’s- Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. This is why at R.E.A.L Academy our students will create, present, debate and communicate with not just their classmates or schoolmates but with the rest of the world.