The Liberia National Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum will be used in our classroom. But, the curriculum, we know, can’t be the end - we must inspire our students to find pleasure in learning and applying their skills in their journey to become well-informed and productive citizens of our global village. And so, at R.E.A.L,  we see Mathematics as more than a subject- we see it as an indispensable tool. Accordingly, we cannot overstate the significance of a rigorous mathematics program at R.E.A.L. But, we know that students learn Mathematics best when the goals and expectation are clear, the opportunity for students to develop mastery is evident,  productive struggles is appreciated, proper and timely feedback is provided, and the opportunity to collaborate, share, discuss, argue, deliberate and debate is not only present but encouraged.

Owing to our conviction that Mathematics is not just a subject we proffer a mathematics program that relates to our everyday world.  The goal of our mathematics program is to instill in our students an appreciation for mathematics, the readiness to use mathematics to tackle complex problems and the ability to share their knowledge and experience.


As we strive to present a highly responsive Mathematics program we are cognizant of the variability of the learning styles and pace of our students. Our Mathematics program is structured to accommodate the needs of our diverse learners. Accordingly, we have inserted into place,  the the mechanism and the professionals who will tailor our mathematics instruction to the needs of the individual student while maintaining rigor.


Our students, at all times, will be encouraged to think critically, explore challenging and difficult concepts and to embrace positive struggles as a path to gratification.  Cognizant that in the real world, scientists, researchers, and other professionals work collaboratively to solve problems, our program encourages a collaborative learning environment. In addition to approved textbooks, we will utilize the following resources:

Eureka Math



Course Tutors

Paul Groves


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Bonnie Odd


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