We live in a world today in which technology drives almost everything. Yet, in the developing world our children have very limited access to technology. At R.E.A.L. Academy International we believe that bridging the digital divide is one of the most seemingly daunting task facing third world countries. In a world in which the information superhighway has obliterated borders our children will be at a serious disadvantages if we cannot provide them the needed access to technology and the exposure to use technology for automation and other tasks. So, at R.E.A.L our students will be exposed to technology from day one in every class. In fact, our grade 2 students will take a course in Information to Technology and Introduction to Programming via Scratch Programming. Students in subsequent class will take a course in either Information Technology, Web Design Basics or Computer Programming.  We are presently working with experts to develop the curriculum to the specifics of our Liberian situation.

Our technology program is however not isolated. It is interdisciplinary and provides support to the key content area. The program supports integration and offers opportunity not only for the students but also for the professional growth and development of the teachers.

As a result of the experience in our technology program our students will be able to create, communicate better, collaborate, become self directed learners and better digital citizens.

To accomplish our goals our students will use mobile devices, google apps, etc.


There is no technology standards or curriculum for Liberian elementary schools. In this light REAL Academy will take a lead in developing technology standards. Our proposed standard can be seen at this link: Liberian National Proposed Technology Standards.

International Society for Technology Standards

Common Core Technology Standards


Technology Standards by Grade Level

Course Tutors

Paul Groves


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Bonnie Odd


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    Laptop and more tools available during the courses to help you
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IT classes run over 52 weeks period with a total cost of $0.00. Got the early suscription courses.