Clothing (non-uniforms):  Clothing worn on campus and school outings must be professional, non-revealing and not having the potential to be disruptive. Accordingly, we prohibit:

  1. The wearing of clothing that exposes too much skin, undergarments, midsections of body, cleavage, and the chest area.
  2. The wearing of clothing that promote violence, including Gender-Based Violence, drugs and alcohol.
  3. No clothing which exposes too much will be worn  covering all body parts. students must abide. The school has very clear expectations regarding dress code.  The school uniform rules are as follows:

TRAINERS and BOOTS- Trainers are NOT permitted as part of the school uniform and should only be brought to school for use in PE and after school activities. Boots may be worn to and from school in poor weather but must be changed before the start of the school day. In exceptional circumstances pupils may be permitted to wear boots during outdoor play.


JEWELLERY - Pupils should not wear jewelry to school. Only small plain studs may be worn by pupils in ear lobes. Pupils attending this school are NOT permitted to wear ear stretchers. No other facial piercings are allowed. Stud earrings MUST be removed for PE and KCC Policy states that pupils are no longer allowed to cover new piercings with tape. Therefore please do not allow pupils to have piercings during term times or any holiday when the piercing will not heal.


MAKE-UP - Make up, including nail varnish is not permitted even for Year 6 pupils. If pupils come to school wearing make-up they will be asked to remove it.


HAIR CUTS & HAIR ACCESSORIES - The school has clear views on suitable haircuts and hair colourings for pupils who attend the school. Pupils should not have multi-coloured hair unless specified in support of fundraising.  Pupils should not have bleached streaks in hair, tram lines or other patterns cut into hair. Pupils should not have shaved heads. In addition, pupils should not have ‘radical’ styles such as a Mohican.  Girls should not have extravagant decorations in their hair and hair bands should be plain and in a simple colour.


SKIRTS - Girls’ skirts should be of suitable length to maintain dignity both in the classroom and whilst at play. Please use your discretion to consider whether a skirt is appropriate for school.


SOCKS / LEGWEAR - Pupils should wear only black, grey or white socks or tights for school. Girls should not wear leggings either on their own or underneath a skirt.


Students at R.E.A.L Academy are expected to ascribe to a professional dress code. Clothing worn at school and on school outings must meet the following standards:


Male (Boys):

Female (Girls):