The key content taught at the Academy will include: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, French, Information Technology, Arts, Physical Education & Health and Music. The instruction in these content areas will take an interdisciplinary approach rather than the stand alone approach of traditional schools. The students will be offered multiple ways of demonstrating their knowledge. At each grade level, students will do projects and other community activities to reflect their learning and its connection with their community and world. There will be annual events to showcase the work and achievements of the student-scholars.  

The Liberian National Elementary School Curriculum will be used. Though we will utilize the Liberian National Elementary School Curriculum, REAL Academy will distinguish itself by its delivery of instruction, myriad methods for assessment and the utilization of supplemental curriculum materials. Where there is no Liberian National

Curriculum REAL Academy will assume the role of a trailblazers to establish the standards.


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We believe that there is nothing more important!


Our arts program focuses on the integration of aesthetics, studio arts and Liberian Arts and crafts and sculpture in an engaging, imaginative and interactive environment.

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English is for many Liberians a first and perhaps the only language they know and speak.

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Foreign Language

Our students are expected to think, speak and act in the selected language.

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Information Technology

We live in a world today in which technology drives almost everything. Yet, in the developing world our children have very limited access to technology.

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we know that students learn Mathematics best when the goals and expectation are clear

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Our music program exposes students to music and the history of music. The main focus of our music program is to create music literacy.

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The Liberian National Elementary School Science Curriculum will be used. Our mode of instruction will, however, offer the students a different and more contemporary way of accessing the content.

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Social Studies

The Liberian National Elementary School Social Studies Curriculum will be used. Social Studies is perhaps one of the most overlooked disciplines in our Liberian classrooms.

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