Innovation and Creativity through Exploration:

We believe that only through exploration can we see the limitations and shortcomings of the instruments around us, recognize the opportunity to create and invent the new and position ourselves for future improvements.

Aspiring for Excellence

We have an abhorrence for mediocrity which manifest in our untiring quest for excellence. We see excellence not as an option but our ultimate goal and are ready to expend the efforts to pursue.

Advancing through Learning

As we learn, we advance our human capabilities and so we consider learning as indispensable and obligatory on our part.

Global Citizenship

Our world has become one large global village and we must aspire to be the global citizens to achieve our best. As global citizens, we must be tolerant to diversity, adaptable to changing situations and very conscious and respectful of our environment and our planet earth.

We believe in doing it the REAL WAY so At  REAL Academy:

We provide students with the opportunity to inquire, explore, and ask difficult questions. We give our students  unhindered access to the search for new knowledge, to question long standing views, connect their learning with their world and to do so with the guidance of a highly trained and supportive staff.

We know that Learning is not just about hearing. So, we facilitate learning by giving students ownership of their learning. Students become active learners through creating, innovating and sharing learning experiences. We aspire to prepare the 21st century professional while