Admission is opened to all irrespective of ethnicity, nationality and socio-economic status. Students of non-Liberian nationality must however show evidence of residency permit. Additionally, admission is based on age,  grade placement and academic merit. Prospective students must meet all admissions requirement prior to acceptance as a student of R.E.A.L Academy. The admissions requirement include the completion of the application form,  sitting and successfully passing a reading and mathematics entrance and placement test, submission of a valid birth certificate, a health certificate and the completion of an admission interview.


Application Form

The application form and application fee must be completed and paid for prior to consideration for admissions. The application form can be completed either online on paper. The paper version of the form can be obtained at the school or downloaded online. The paper application form must be signed by the parent or guardian. Parents who complete the online application will have to sign a consent form at the school prior to admissions. The online application can be completed by clicking on the link: Online Application.


Entrance & Placement

A written entrance exam will be administered in Mathematics and English/Language Arts for students in grade 3 - 6. Students in Pre K -2 will have an oral entrance examination. Students will be placed at the appropriate grade level based on their performance on the entrance examination, academic records from their previous school and age.


Age and Appropriate Grade Placement

Students, in addition to the performance on the placement examination and academic records will be placed according to their age on the 1st of September of the they are seeking admissions.


Birth Certificate

Each student must present an original copy of their birth certificate prior to the start of class. A copy of the certificate will be made and kept on file. The original certificate will be returned to the student or parent/guardian on the same day it is presented.


Health Certificate

Prior to admission, prospective students must present a Health Certificate certifying that the student has completed a physical examination. Students are also encouraged to have on file an updated copy of immunization records.


Transcript (Academic Record)

Students are required to submit an official transcript showing grades for the last three years of academic work. The transcript will be used along with other admission requirement to place students.


Admissions Interview

The last stage of the admission process is the admissions interview. Prospective students are given the chance to explain their reason for wanting to enrol at R.E.A.L Academy and to state how their personal views align with those of our school. The admissions panel then makes a recommendation to the Principal for action on the student.