Leadership Structure

Real Academy is a privately own Joint Corporation. The Owners of Real Academy and three to five additional representatives named by the owners constitute the Board of Trustees. The Day-today affairs of Real Academy is managed by the Managing Principal and assisted by the Registrar/Accounts Manager.


The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Real Academy shall be responsible for the adoption of the Academy’s mission, vision, and strategic goals. In addition, the Board of Trustees shall be responsible for the securing of fundings, the approval of loans and grants and the budget of the Academy. The Board shall also be responsible for the appointment and hiring of the Principal, registrar, nurse, teachers, and staff of the R.E.A.L Academy.

The Board of R.E.A.L. Academy is headed by Ms. Hawa Johnson, co-owner and shall be made of Mrs. Hawa Siryon Zawolo, Mrs. Kau Barnard, Mr. Von Williams, Mr. Gabriel Flaboe, Ms. Georgina Zawolo, and Ms. Pauline Nutu.


The Executive Director

The Executive Director shall be responsible for the growth, promotion, financial management, human resources aspects of the Academy. The Executive Director will oversee the expansion of the Academy to a full high school level through the addition of one grade level annually. Other responsibilities will include ensuring that the Academy is in compliance with all statutes of the Ministry of Education, the collection and keeping of data and the engagement with the community.


The Managing Principal

The Managing Principal shall manage the day-to-day operations of the Academy and shall head the Academic Council. The Managing Principal will be responsible for teacher evaluation, development of an intervention program for struggling students, the development and management of after-school and extracurricular activities. The Managing Principal will maintain the records of students and teachers for submission to the Executive Director. The Managing Principal must hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Managing Principal without a master’s degree will have to submit a career advancement plan for the attainment of a master’s of education degree.


The Registrar/Accounts Manager

The registrar/accounts manager shall be responsible for the collection, revision, compilation and maintenance of all records relating to admission, health, and grade of all students. He/she shall be responsible to review admissions application and to make appropriate recommendation to the principal relating to admission and placement. In addition, the registrar shall be responsible for the preparation of grade reports, report cards, withdrawal of students and the preparation of transcripts. The registrar shall be responsible to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all records.

As the accounts manager, the registrar shall also be responsible for the keeping of accurate records relating to the payment of tuition and fees of students. He/she shall be a signatory to the bank account of the school.

The minimum qualification of the registrar shall be a bachelor’s degree. The registrar shall act as a managing principal in the absence of the Principal.